Take care of genuine fiber

You should take care of naturalness

AIRING Alpaca wool garments are cared the same way as other woolen wears. Airing is important, since the moisture of the air cleanses the fiber and smoothens out any possible wrinkles. Fresh outdoor air is the best option, but even a humid bathroom will do. Airing is also needed when a woolen wear becomes very clingy i.e. static, since those snaps and crackles indicate that the garment is too dry.

WASHING Knitwear may be hand-washed in lukewarm or cold water or alternatively can be dry-cleaned. Most products made of woolen fabric, such as capes, require professional dry-cleaning services, and especially when garments have fur and/or leather trimmings. Hand-wash wool garments in lukewarm or cold water and avoid temperature fluctuations. Use only a mild soap, such as baby shampoo and dry the garment on a flat surface. You do not give the garment a press, but if needed, may steam it very lightly.


AND PLEASE REMEMBER. Let alpaca wool garment rest one day between uses to allow it preserve its shape. Air the garment frequently in order to avoid moth damage and repel any wool destructive insects with aromatic red cedar products. Red cedar freshens up alpaca wool clothing without any chemicals and therefore is a safe and ecological option, especially in households with pets and children

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