Responsibility tomorrow

We have too much to lose

Nature only produces materials that are recyclable and do not pollute the environment. It always has. Alpaca fiber is also perfectly grounded back into nature's cycle. Our goal is also to recycle all matter like nature does and to choose only ecologically sustainable options for our operations. We accept all alpaca products sold through us when the product has been used up. We will deliver the material to another business that will reuse this fine material if possible. 

You can also compost a natural fiber product that is in a throw-away condition or cut it into rug fibers, or the material can be used, for example, to fill pillows and quilts for yourself or your pet. We mainly import pure 100% baby alpaca or 100% alpaca. Since the vast majority of our products do not contain any artificial fibers, it is very easy to recycle old products and the fine material gets a new life. Our whole beautiful world is worth keeping clean. We act as nature has always acted. Without polluting.

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