Gorgeous natural fiber

The millennium alpaca is still one of the finest

Alpaca wool is produced by one of the most prestigious and sought after natural materials. Because of its light weight and silky feel on the skin makes alpaca wool very different from sheep’s wool. Alpaca fiber’s hollow air pockets ensure the material to breathe in warm weather, but at the same to act as heat insulation against cold weather.

Alpaca fiber garments are also suitable for those with a sensitive skin and/or with wool allergy, because alpaca fiber does not contain fat and is velvety soft close to the skin. Alpaca wool is available in nearly 20 natural colors and in hundreds of different shades, which is unique regarding natural fibers. Having a wide range of colors available reduces the need for dyeing.
Alpaca has been bred to two different breeds; to fluffy fleeced Huacaya and much rarer, silky fleeced Suri. A large part of the Helmivene’s alpaca wool garments are made of 100% baby alpaca, which is the most finest and softest of the alpaca wool. Our selection also includes products made of 100% alpaca wool and those mixed with other fine fibers such as silk and Merinova. Alpaca wool is produced annually about 4000 tons. Alpaca wool’s international acronym is WP

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